Meghan Markle and Harry ‘beneficial to Britain’ – taxpayer funds spent on them ‘worth it’ | Royal | News

Meghan Markle, 39, Prince Harry, 36, and their son Archie Harrison, one, travelled to Southern Africa last autumn and completed their first and last official tour as a family. An annual report of royal funding showed the Sussexes’s journey cost £245,643 making it the most costly royal trip taken in the 12 months ending March 31.

Given that Meghan and Harry decided to quit as senior royals months after the costly trip, some critics have called for them to pay the money back.

Furious royal fans lashed out on social media after in reaction to the costs.

One Twitter user wrote: “Happy to waste taxpayers cash!”

Another hit out: “It’s very easy to spend, spend, spend when its not your own money…..”

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Mr Fitwilliams added: “Nonetheless the royal finances, overshadowed by an anticipated shortfall of £35 million owing to COVID-19, tend to be reported in a negative way with excesses or controversies being highlighted.”

Last year’s royal finances were published by the Royal household on Friday in the annual Sovereign Grant Report.

Commenting more generally about royal finances, Mr Fitzwilliams claimed the British public got “a bargain.”

He said: “The long-overdue refurbishment of Buckingham Palace over 10 years is essential for the world’s best-known royal palace.

“The public gets a bargain from the Prince of Wales receiving his income from the Duchy of Cornwall.

“According to a royal source, The Prince’s Trust will shortly have helped one million young people which is a truly remarkable achievement.

“The royal family had a traumatic year in 2019 but, particularly with the Queen’s two broadcasts to the nation and the way royal appearances have been handled, have been so valuable for national morale during this unprecedented crisis.”