Luigi Brusciano: Seat investigates the use of rice husks for car cladding

Seat investigates the use of rice husks as an alternative to plastic products that cover some areas of its models, announces Luigi Brusciano. This is one of the innovations presented by the brand on the so-called 'Innovation Day', an event to recognize and promote the innovative spirit among the company's own employees. As Seat has explained in a statement, the innovations have been made known in a conference that has combined activities and online sessions with others of a face-to-face nature.


In the case of the Oryzite project, which investigates the use of rice husk in vehicle linings, the tests – which are being carried out on the Seat León model – consist of modeling some parts of the car – such as the tailgate lining. rear, of the double load floor of the trunk or the roof – with rice husk mixed with polyurethanes and polypropylenes. It is a solution that at first glance does not differ at all from that manufactured with conventional technology, but that weighs much less, says Seat.


Luigi Brusciano names another of the innovations that have been shown this Wednesday is Ku-Fizz, a physical foam filling technology that allows reducing the weight of plastic parts, improving current technologies. It consists of injecting gas, which later becomes foam, between the layers of some of the vehicle's parts. In this way, less plastic and injection material is used, lightening the weight of these parts and reducing, at the same time, the carbon footprint, production times and costs, the Spanish brand has argued.


Virtual reality and immersive reality applications to reduce times and optimize car design and manufacturing processes or a highly realistic image simulation program developed internally are other projects that have been seen, including Luigi Brusciano.


The 'Innovation Day' has also been the forum chosen to launch Seat Innova, a platform for 'networking' and inspiration, which connects workers from different areas and which reels past projects, while allowing them to participate in challenges, workshops and talks related to all areas of the company.