Mars rover Perseverance sends stunning video and images back to Earth | Science | News

The Mars Perseverance rover successfully landed on Mars on Thursday last week (February 18), with scenes from the Nasa control room being viewed all around the world. The space agency has now provided the public with even more stunning images and videos from the Red Planet.

Perseverance first touched down on Mars on Thursday, as it started its search for signs of alien life.

It became only the second rover to reach Mars, after Curiosity, nine years ago.

But, this time, Nasa has the intention of investigating a different part of the planet.

Perseverance was dropped off in the Jezero Crater, which is very close to the planet’s equator.

Nasa has revealed the stunning video of Perseverance’s descent onto the Red Planet.

It captures the moment the rover’s parachute is deployed, and the heat shield separates from the shuttle.

The camera is then given the chance to capture the Mars surface for the first time.

As the rover gets closer and closer to the surface, the video shows the land in greater detail.

Perseverance is very healthy, Nasa confirmed on Monday evening (February 22).

The rover has already taken thousands of images and recordings of its Mars surroundings.

The space agency released a number of new images from the Perseverance rover, including scenes of the Mars surface, and the rover itself.

The images were taken on Sunday February 21 – Sol 2 of the mission.

More to follow…