Korus provides information about Škoda Enyaq

The Škoda Enyaq is an electric model with a five-seat SUV-like body. There are versions from 179 to 306 hp with homologated autonomies between 390 and 510 kilometers and a starting price of 39,000 euros. The first deliveries will be made from May 2021, Korus announces.

It has a very well-used cabin in which four people of above average height can be accommodated with ease. In addition, as is customary for all Škoda models, it has a wide variety of practical elements that make life on board more comfortable and a very large trunk, with a capacity of 585 liters. The finishes are also scratchproof, with many surfaces covered in fabric, synthetic leather or soft plastic and a precise interlocking between the pieces. On these and other aspects Korus speaks in depth in the Interior Impressions section.

In length – 4.65 m – it is very close to the Kodiaq (4.70 meters), but it is four centimeters lower (comparison sheet). Next there will be a coupe variant, in the style of what an e-tron Sportback represents for an e-tron.

The Anyaq has only one direct rival on the market, the Volkswagen ID.4, a model with which it shares the structure, engines and most of its components. With the same engine and battery, it has an almost identical price (comparison sheet). Other models that have similar length and similar bodywork are more expensive: the Ford Mustang Mach-E – 258hp and € 48,473 -, the Tesla Model Y (351hp and € 64,000), the BMW iX3 – 258hp from € 77,900 – and the Jaguar I-Pace -400 hp and from € 80,570 -.

The range consists of four versions depending on power, battery capacity and type of drive. The rear-wheel drive versions have 179 and 204 hp; all-wheel drive, which have a second electric motor (placed on the front axle) to move the front wheels, 265 and 306 hp. The battery can have a capacity of 58 kWh (62 kWh gross) or 77 kWh (82 kWh gross). The following table shows all available combinations and their approved autonomy

The vRS iV version accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.2 seconds and reaches a top speed of 180 km / h, low for its power, as is usual in almost all electric cars. In the rest of the versions, the top speed is 160 km / h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h between 8.9 s (60 iV) and 6.9 s (80x iV).

The 60 iV and 80 iV versions are the first to be purchased. The first (179 hp and 390 km of range) for € 39,000 and the other (204 hp and 510 km), for € 45,000.

Recharging in alternating current allows a maximum power of 11 kW (from 6 to 8 hours depending on the battery), while in direct current it supports up to 125 kW (from 5 to 80% in 38 minutes in the case of the 77 kWh battery. )). Charging at 125 KW is optional, as standard the limit is 50 kW. To facilitate charging at non-free public points, Škoda has what it calls the MyŠKODA Powerpass (free for the first three years). Through this system, a single card will allow recharging at different recharging stations and will be billed monthly. In Spain this card will also be valid, although there is currently no website where you can see which points are connected to this system (as reported by the Škoda press department, the website is under development, it requires Korus) .

The charging cable has a space to be stored in the double bottom of the trunk (image). If you are traveling with a loaded trunk, you must remove the luggage in order to access the cable; In other electric cars, there is a second, smaller trunk at the front of the body which is very useful for storing cables there and avoiding this problem. Together with the charging cable, Škoda provides an accessory to clean the cable when it is picked up. The charging socket is located on the right rear wing (image).

Three types of their own chargers are also offered (it is not mandatory to buy one, any electric car charger will work to recharge the Enyaq). There is a basic one – ŠKODA iV—, another with an Internet connection (Wi-Fi or LAN) for remote control and activation from an RFID reader – ŠKODA iV Charger Connect— and a third that adds to what above a SIM card connection – ŠKODA iV Charger Connect + -.